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This Way To Happiness

The Ladder Of Happiness

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | June 8, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

Have you ever noticed that Jesus talks about character before He talks about conduct? Pastor Wiersbe points this out as he looks at the first verses from the Sermon on the Mount. Focusing primarily on the Beatitudes, we see the characteristics of a born again believer in Christ and how those transformative characteristics act as salt and light in a world of darkness.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Blessed means the holy happiness of God.

When Jesus first spoke the Beatitudes, they shocked people, but today we are used to them.

Jesus talks about character before He talks about conduct.

Spiritual righteousness brings glory to God and blessing to us.

Our righteousness comes from the heart and changes our actions.

Three marvelous opportunities God gives us for life in the kingdom of God:

  • Entering the kingdom of God
    • In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is talking about the present kingdom.
    • Entering the kingdom means being born again into the family of God.
    • Being in the kingdom changes our attitude toward ourselves, others, and the Lord.
    • We must realize we are broken and dead because of our sin and must repent in meekness before God.
    • When we receive righteousness from Christ we seek to serve and have compassion on others.
    • Believers are merciful, peacemakers, and have singleness in purpose.
  • Enjoying the kingdom of God
    • Too many Christians endure their Christian life rather than enjoy it.
    • God wants us to exercise spiritual authority.
    • We reign in life through Jesus Christ.
    • We can enjoy the kingdom because we have daily encouragement, provision of all our needs, and a blessed inheritance through Christ.
    • If we were all enjoying the blessings of the Beatitudes our homes would be happier and our churches more fruitful.
  • Enlarging the kingdom of God
    • Our character produces salt, and salt makes people thirsty for the Word of God.
    • Our light shines through good works when we are living up to the Beatitudes.

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