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Sermon Series

Seven Snares Of The Enemy

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Many people struggle with secrets—secrets that destroy their souls. These messages not only diagnose the problem they also give a prescription for those who seek hope and healing. Here is a positive hope that life can be different; God stands by to help us with our struggles.


Sermon 01

Welcome To The War

May 2, 1999

Giving in to our desires of lust, covetousness, and selfishness never satisfies.  

Sermon 04

Alcoholism: Quitting Tomorrow

May 30, 1999

We need God to escape our addictions, for only He provides perfect forgiveness, acceptance, and fulfillment.

Sermon 06

Sexual Freedom: The Poisoned Oasis

June 13, 1999

The power of the first sexual bond is great, even if it’s not consensual. It leaves an imprint on the soul and affects a person’s future.

Sermon 07

Pleasure: Life On Empty

June 20, 1999

God is squeezed out of our lives when we chase worldly desires.  

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