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He Teaches You To Pray

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | March 23, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

One of the greatest privileges we have as Christians is prayer. Our Christian life cannot be separated from our prayer life. And in order to have an effective and meaningful prayer life, we must let the Holy Spirit take control and lead our prayers.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.


Recording skips at 4:50.

One of the greatest privileges we have as Christians is prayer.

Our Christian life cannot be separated from our prayer life; you can’t divorce praying from living.

We pray for God’s guidance in life, for lost souls, for the church.

Four truths about our prayer lives.

-       Only God’s children can really pray.

  • When we pray we involve the whole Trinity.
  • God has no obligation to answer the prayers of the unsaved
  • The Holy Spirit works in our hearts to give us a prayer for salvation and supplication.
  • Our prayer life begins by trusting Jesus as our Savior.

-       God’s children cannot pray in their own power.

  • Prayer is not dependent on eloquence, length, quoting Scripture, or emotion.
  • The more we pray and read the Word of God, the more we discover how ignorant we are.
  • There is no special posture for prayer. The important thing is the posture of the heart.
  • The Holy Spirit does not pray instead of us, He helps us in our praying.
  • The Holy Spirit comes and takes hold of our burden and carries it with us.
  • Our prayer life should depend on the power of the Spirit.
  • Let the Holy Spirit use the Word of God to prepare your heart for prayer.

-       God’s children often don’t know what to pray for.

  • Don’t quit because of a disappointment from prayer.
  • To pray without thinking of others is selfish.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us know how to pray and what to pray for.
  • Three words tell us how the Holy Spirit helps us pray: searches, groanings, and intercession. 
    • The Holy Spirit searches our hearts, compares it to the Word of God, and filters out the foolishness.
    • When we don’t know what to say, the Holy Spirit turns our thoughts and cries into words for the Lord.
    • To intercede on our behalf means that the Holy Spirit pleads for us before God.

-       Prayer is a costly, demanding experience.

  • It cost God His Son in order for us to pray.
  • We cannot pray without the Holy Spirit and Word of God, and people gave their lives for the Bible.
  • Real prayer costs our time.
  • To really pray we must be walking in the Spirit.

Our witness, service, and fellowship with God our ineffective and meaningless without prayer.

The Holy Spirit leads us in our prayer life.

Do you have the Holy Spirit, and does He have you?

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