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Sermon Series

Seven Words From The Cross

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

When Jesus was on the cross, He made seven statements that gives us a window into the heart and mind of God. Pastor Wiersbe reminds us that Jesus’ work on the cross touches every person. He died so that we might have salvation, the forgiveness of our sins. Through His obedience and submission, we have victory and eternal life.


Sermon 01


January 22, 1978

Jesus offers forgiveness in the midst of His greatest suffering.

Sermon 02


January 29, 1978

The salvation of the thief on the cross next to Jesus is not excuse to wait, but an encouragement to act.

Sermon 03


February 5, 1978

The cross rebukes our worldliness, cheap values, and selfish ambition.

Sermon 04


February 12, 1978

Jesus was forsaken by God so people never have to be.

Sermon 05


February 26, 1978

Jesus drank the cup of sin for all of mankind.

Sermon 06


March 5, 1978

Nothing can be added or taken away from salvation. It must only be accepted.

Sermon 07


March 12, 1978

He who is not prepared to die is not prepared to live.

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