The Righteousness Of God: Volume 1

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Lessons from the Book of Romans

The book of Romans is the doctrinal centerpiece of the Christian faith, and in the first twelve messages of this 2-volume series, Pastor Lutzer unveils the glorious luster of the first eight chapters.

Humanity’s complete condemnation will humble you. The legal crediting of Christ’s righteousness to sinners by faith will awe you. The gracious benefits of salvation lavished upon His adopted children will encourage you and redefine your faith forever. 

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Still Not Ashamed

The book of Romans continues, even to this day, to shape history.

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The Ingenuity Of God

The cross was the reason why a holy God could lavish us with mercy without tarnishing His justice.

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Now That You Believe

Our justification gives us peace with God and continual access to His royal presence. 

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Choosing Your Master

Jesus’ history has become our history. We died, rose, and ascended with Him.