Mary, The Mother Of Jesus

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Throughout the centuries, mystery and awe have surrounded this privileged woman. For it was by Mary that God had given the world the gift of His Son. What joy and sorrow she must have experienced throughout her Son's short life. In this series, Dr. Erwin Lutzer draws from Mary's life as recorded in the Bible to look at what must have been quite a unique perspective of the Son of God.

Poster for A Virgin's Child

A Virgin's Child

The virgin birth preserved Jesus’ sinlessness, fulfilled prophecy, and granted Him David’s throne.

Poster for A Virgin's Song

A Virgin's Song

Those who need God the most have the opportunity to know God the most.

Poster for A Virgin's Wonder

A Virgin's Wonder

Do you want to be a part of the remnant who walks with God like Simeon? 

Poster for A Virgin's Grief

A Virgin's Grief

Tragic events must be interpreted in light of the cross of Christ.