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Sermon Series

Marks Of A Thriving Church

A Fitness Plan for the Body of Christ

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Ineffective and ingrown churches are far too common in our world today. Believers need to be constantly reevaluating their own churches to determine areas that need change and renewal. Dr. Erwin Lutzer provides eight characteristics that should be evident in a biblically healthy church. 


Sermon 01

A Praying Church

October 2, 1988

God has chosen the prayers of His people to change the world.

Sermon 03

A Witnessing Church

October 23, 1988

We must go out of our churches and seek the lost.

Sermon 04

A Caring Church

October 30, 1988

The responsibility of caring is shared by everyone.

Sermon 05

A Persevering Church

November 6, 1988

When Jesus returns, will you have the approval of your Master? 

Sermon 06

A Giving Church

November 13, 1988

God isn’t after your money; He’s after your heart.

Sermon 07

A Sacrificing Church

November 20, 1988

We must stop offering convenient sacrifices and start giving Him our best.

Sermon 08

A Serving Church

November 27, 1988

Greatness is defined by how many people you serve.

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