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Sermon Series

First Peter

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

First Peter is a letter of encouragement to Christians scattered around the world. When we are saved, we are spiritually born anew. This means our lives should look different from the rest of the world. Pastor Wiersbe explains how to live out our faith each and every day.


Sermon 01

The Eternal Elite

May 7, 1978

As believers set apart by God, we should have a sanctified superiority complex.

Sermon 05

The Things That Matter Most

June 4, 1978

A home can be a happy, holy Christian home if husbands and wives fulfill their biblical duties to one another.

Sermon 06

The Case For A Good Conscience

June 11, 1978

We find a good conscious through the Word of God, Jesus’ blood, and the blessed hope in Christ.

Sermon 08

The Heat's On

June 25, 1978

It’s easier to handle trials if you trust the One who is ultimately in charge.

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