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First Peter

The Case For A Good Conscience

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | June 11, 1978

Selected highlights from this sermon

Our conscience is the inner monitor that accuses us when we do wrong and commends us when we do right. But a conscious is only good if it is functioning. A good conscience puts us in touch with the power of God and keeps us on the straight and narrow path of Christ.

Pastor Wiersbe walks us through three blessings that come from living with a good conscience.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Conscience is the inner monitor or judge that accuses us when we do wrong and commends us when we do right.

A good conscience is one that functions and enables us not to be afraid.

A good conscience is the window through which the light of God can get into our heart.

A defiled conscience is one that stops communicating with us.

An evil conscience accuses us if we do good and commends us when we do not.

An evil conscience starts with a defiled conscience.

A seared conscience is one that is so deep in sin that the wrongdoing no longer bothers that person.

Let a good conscience be your guide.

The blessings that come to your life when you have a good conscience:

-       Consistency in our walk (1 Peter 3:8-12).

  • We can live on three levels: return good with evil, return good for good and evil for evil, and return evil with good. 
  • Living on the highest level is against our human nature.
  • A good day is a day in which we enjoy the blessings of the Lord and had a good conscience.
  • If you really want to have a good day, guard your tongue, turn away from evil, and seek after peace.

-       Confidence in our witness (1 Peter 3:13-17).

  • We will be asked why we live the way we do.
  • We can enjoy the present because we are sure about the future. 
  • When your conscience is good, anyone can ask you a question about your Christian life.
  • If you fear God, you do not need to fear anyone else.

-       Courageous in our warfare (1 Peter 3:18-22).

  • Sometimes we will suffer for doing good.
  • While sin exists on Earth, we are really fighting against the devil.
  • Jesus suffered for our righteousness.
  • Jesus declared His victory to the whole spiritual world.
  • Satan loves a dirty conscience.
  • God can give us victory and courage in our warfare when we have a good conscience.
  • When we trust in God’s arch of safety, He shuts us in. We are safe in Jesus Christ when we trust Him as our Savior.
  • Everyone who suffers for righteousness will be raised up in Christ.

We find a good conscious through the Word of God, Jesus’ blood, and the blessed hope in Christ.

A good conscience puts us in touch with the power of God and keeps us on the straight and narrow path of Christ.

Let God do what He wants to do in your heart.

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