Why Good People Do Bad Things

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And How God Can Help Us Do Better

Why do good people often act in such selfish, destructive, and evil ways? This series helps us face the truth about ourselves and then introduces us to the marvelous grace and mercy of God. Here we see our self-deceptions, our unwillingness to see our selfishness, and our uncanny ability to deny how we are perceived by others and by God. Here is hope for those who have denied their deep need for God’s intervention and grace.

Poster for Deceived And Loving It

Deceived And Loving It

Self-deception: taking what God has said and redefining it so that we can live out the sinful desires of our hearts.

Poster for The Roots Of Rage

The Roots Of Rage

Every arrow—every attack on someone—is an arrow that pierces the heart of Jesus.

Poster for The Father's Voice

The Father's Voice

We are healed when we think of ourselves as being one who is loved by God.

Poster for A Bad Man Made Good

A Bad Man Made Good

Before Paul’s conversion, he tried to destroy the Church and approved of Stephen’s murder. No one can say, “I’m too bad to be saved.”