Restoring The Soul

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Positive Healing in an Age of Brokenness

God can forgive our sins and restore our souls—no matter how big or how numerous our sins.

Poster for The Loss Of Innocence

The Loss Of Innocence

We can be a community in which we can accept one another despite our shame—because all of us have done things of which we’re ashamed.

Poster for Lies We Love, Lies That Hurt

Lies We Love, Lies That Hurt

There’s room for failure in the Christian life. There’s no room for the notion that failure has to be the pattern of your life.

Poster for Breaking Soul Ties

Breaking Soul Ties

Once you’ve been involved in a sexual relationship outside the covenant of marriage, nothing will ever be quite the same again.

Poster for Breaking The Cycle

Breaking The Cycle

You can be changed deep down at the heart level—but only God can do it. And He delights to do it.