Confronted By The Risen Christ

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a historical fact verified by a wealth of evidence, lies at the very core of what we believe. These messages, preached by Pastor Lutzer over the course of several Resurrection Sundays, present both the joy and the wider implications of our resurrection faith. You will delight and rejoice in Christ's triumph, even as you are challenged to share the Good News of that triumph with our hurting world.

This is a collection of sermons preached between 1992 and 2010. Please note that the audio quality will be different from message to message.

Poster for Jesus Raised For Us

Jesus Raised For Us

Do we have the devotion of Mary Magdalene who was last at the cross and first to the tomb? 

Poster for Forever Alive

Forever Alive

For those who will enjoy eternal life, death is just a bend in the road.