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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

On Trial For Christ Part 1

December 04, 2019

Part 1 of 2
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Paul’s ministry in Jerusalem caused his enemies to have him arrested on false charges. He was sent to Caesarea, Rome’s government center in the region. There he languished in prison, waiting to answer the charges against him. But when God opened the door, Paul seized his opportunity to speak.

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Covering Your Life In Prayer

Every Christian longs for a better and more intimate prayer life. And one of the most effective ways to pray for ourselves and for others is to pray Scripture. In doing so, we echo back to God that which we know is His will.

The Bible abounds with promises and guidance that make for rich, meaningful prayer. As you think of certain people—loved ones, children, friends, or unbelievers—you can offer spiritual and material requests that are both specific to their needs and in line with Scripture.

Praying in this way will…

  • stimulate your faith in God and love for others
  • allow God’s Word to dwell in you more richly
  • draw you closer to God Himself

As you use this this 52-week devotional to cover your life—and the lives of others—in biblical prayer, you’ll come to enjoy communion with God in a whole new way!

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