Who Are You To Judge?

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Discernment in Our Post-Modern Culture

Our present culture believes in the icon of permissiveness—the deeply held conviction that tolerance is the same as love. However, the Bible teaches that we must discriminate; we must make careful judgments regarding prophets, doctrines, values, and lifestyles.

Poster for The Future Is Here

The Future Is Here

It is much better to be divided by the truth than to be united by error.

Poster for Judging Miracles

Judging Miracles

The power of Christianity is not seen in physical miracles but rather in the good news of the Gospel. 

Poster for Judging Appearances

Judging Appearances

Character is more important than appearance. Modesty is more important than acceptance.

Poster for Judging Conduct

Judging Conduct

Christianity is not a matter of rules; it is a matter of relationship.