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Sermon Series

We've Been Down This Road Before

Lessons from the Book of Judges

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Throughout history, human nature has always tended to seek God during difficult times and forsake Him in times of blessing. In this series of messages, Pastor Lutzer looks at contemporary society through the lens of the book of Judges that portrays the cycle of hardship, repentance, and apostasy. Here is both an analysis of our present condition and clear instruction on how both the church and our nation can reverse the present downward spiral.


Sermon 02

Wanted: Leaders

June 3, 2001

God disciplines His children for their disobedience and sin.

Sermon 05

Trying To Read God's Mind

June 24, 2001

Most of the time, “putting out a fleece” doesn’t provide any certainty or confirmation.

Sermon 06

How God Wins Battles

July 1, 2001

You can’t be too small for God to use, but you can be too big.

Sermon 07

When Evil Rules

August 5, 2001

The seeds of evil lie in all of us.

Sermon 11

Samson: A Man With Two Hearts

September 2, 2001

The weapons of the Spirit are more important and powerful than the weapons of the flesh.

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