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Sermon Series

Putting Your Past Behind You

Erwin W. Lutzer

People are only as sick as their darkest secrets. Healing past wounds is a process or a journey, not an event. This series discusses basic principles and true stories of people who put their dreadful past behind them. 


Sermon 01

The Willingness To Change

October 22, 1989

If you think your past is greater than the faithfulness and ability of God, that’s part of the reason you’re bound.

Sermon 04

Fatal Addictions

November 12, 1989

Every addict is trying to meet legitimate needs in illegitimate, destructive ways.

Sermon 06

The Darker Side Of Evil

November 26, 1989

Satan will stalk you for years to catch you in a weak moment.

Sermon 07

Channeling God's Power

December 3, 1989

Use prayer to put on the armor of God before you go into battle.

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