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Sermon Series

Pulling Together In A World Tearing Apart

Erwin W. Lutzer

Friendship, family, and sexuality are all good gifts from God. But when sin, interpersonal conflict, or emotional wounds threaten us, our relationships become fractured.

This series of messages will teach us how to overcome barriers in our relationships. Pastor Lutzer addresses miscommunication in marriage, passive fatherhood, victimhood, superficial friendships, sexual brokenness, and emotional wounds. We were made to develop harmonious and loving relationships at home, work, and with relatives and friends. Jesus Himself was wounded for our sin, and He bears the scars of triumph.


Sermon 02

Making Sense Of Sexuality

October 11, 1992

Jesus is the model of masculinity in an age where men don’t know how to act.

Sermon 03

Ending The Denial Game

October 25, 1992

Both the victim and the victimizer can receive God’s cleansing and healing.

Sermon 04

Freed From Anger

November 1, 1992

Choose to give up your anger and bitterness.

Sermon 07

To Love Again

November 22, 1992

Christianity’s God was wounded for our sin, and He bears the scars of triumph.

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