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Sermon Series

Praise And Thanksgiving

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

In Revelation, John depicts heaven and all of the beauty and glory it holds. Pastor Wiersbe describes four images we see of Jesus from John’s account. Only Jesus is worthy of our praise, and each of these pictures encourages us to sing song of thanksgiving to Jesus for who He is.


Sermon 01

Praise The Creator

November 6, 1977

May God help us to worship Him on Earth as He is in heaven.

Sermon 02

Praise The Redeemer

November 13, 1977

If you’re going to share in the song in heaven, you must start singing it while you’re still on Earth.

Sermon 03

Praise The King

November 20, 1977

The hosts of heaven are praising God. We should too.

Sermon 04

Praise The Conqueror

November 27, 1977

Revelation 19 is a war song—and a wedding song.

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