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Great Women Of Bible History

The Woman Who Ruined Her Husband

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | August 28, 1977

Selected highlights from this sermon

The name Jezebel evokes someone who is evil, wicked, and arrogant. In the Bible, Jezebel disregarded the warnings of the prophet Elijah. Instead, she worshipped Baal and his lies. She had an idolatrous, proud, deceitful, murderous, and unrepentant heart. 

Using Jezebel as an example, Pastor Wiersbe motivates us to think about the heritage we are leaving behind: is it something good or something evil? 

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Your name only gets added to the dictionary when you have made a very successful or evil accomplishment. 

Jezebel stands for high-handed, arrogant evil.

Jezebel turned her husband into a puppet.

Examination of Jezebel:

-       Jezebel’s history

  • Jezebel would not listen to the prophet Elijah.
  • God gave them proof after proof, but Jezebel would not listen. God sent judgment.
  • Dogs ate the body of Jezebel.

-       Jezebel’s heart

  • We live out of the abundance of the heart.
  • Jezebel had an idolatrous heart.
  • What you believe determines how you behave, and Jezebel believed in Baal.
  • The worship of Baal attempted to sanctify every kind of sexual sin.
  • Jezebel worshipped a lie.
  • Jezebel had a proud, deceitful, murderous, and unrepentant heart.
  • Everything that was in Jezebel’s heart has the potential of being in our hearts.
  • Focus your heart on the love and truth of God.

-       Jezebel’s heritage

  • We all leave something behind, whether for good or for evil.
  • Jezebel left behind the tragedy of a wasted opportunity.
  • Jezebel killed her own husband and children with her idolatry.
  • Parents have the responsibility to leave a heritage of spiritual blessings to their family.
  • Jezebel died a shameful death.
  • Your sins will find you out.

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