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Great Women Of Bible History

The Woman Who Dared To Believe

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | August 7, 1977

Selected highlights from this sermon

Rahab the harlot is mentioned three times in the New Testament. She is in the genealogy of Jesus, and she is listed with the men of faith.

Rahab is a tremendous illustration of saving faith.

Four basic lessons on saving faith:

-       The importance of saving faith

  • Rahab was living in a city that was under condemnation.
  • We also live in a condemned city.
  • You can either exercise saving faith or die.

-       The nature of saving faith

  • Satan has people confused about what faith is.
  • Saving faith begins with the mind, listening to God’s Word. Then it goes to the heart, we fear for our lives. Finally, it goes to the will.
  • Rahab stood alone and risked her life to have faith.

-       The evidences of saving faith

  • The first evidence is assurance.
  • The second evidence is a changed life.
  • The third evidence is a desire to share your faith with others.

-       The rewards of saving faith

  • Rahab was delivered from judgement.
  • Rahab had the joy of winning others in her family.
  • Rahab marries into the family of God.
  • If we have saving faith we will be attending the marriage supper of the Lamb.

What kind of faith do you have?

Am I relying on someone else’s faith?


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