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Sermon Series

Christians, Politics, And The Cross

An Urgent Plea For The Church To Return To Its Mission

Erwin W. Lutzer

Throughout its turbulent history, the Church has often been diverted from its primary mission. The lure of taking side-roads is tempting, especially in the face of a degenerating culture. We must ask difficult questions and turn to the Bible for answers. In this series, Pastor Erwin Lutzer helps us do just that.

This series was originally titled "Why The Cross Can Do What Politics Can't."


Sermon 02

The Cross And The Flag

October 27, 1996

The destiny of the church does not depend upon the next election.    

Sermon 04

What Man Thinks Of The Cross

November 10, 1996

The cross is a great divide. Some understand the cross and find salvation, but others despise its message and suffer for their unbelief.

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