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Sermon Series

Between Heaven And Earth: Volume 2

Lessons from the Book of Ephesians

The book of Ephesians uniquely captures both the glory of our position in Christ in the heavenlies, and the practicality of real life here on Earth. Dr. Lutzer brings these two worlds together in this two-volume series of messages and shares how we can live our lives worthy of our calling.


Sermon 01

The Renewing Of The Mind

July 26, 1998

What we think leads to what we do, so take off the old self and put on the new.

Sermon 03

Becoming Like God

August 9, 1998

God is working in us to make us like Himself.

Sermon 04

When The Spirit Has His Way

August 16, 1998

As Christians, the Spirit is already within us, but we must yield to the Spirit’s gentle control. 

Sermon 05

What God Wants Husbands To Know

August 30, 1998

Marriage reveals our inward selfishness, and as husbands, we are called to sacrificially make tough decisions in our wives’ favor. 

Sermon 08

Dressed For Battle

September 27, 1998

The Gospel preserves our mind, and it protects us.

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