Running to Win - 15 Minutes

Walking In The Light Part 3

October 24, 2018

Part 3 of 3
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When our consciences are clean, we can see clearly, run freely, and live joyfully. As we confess our sin, God cleanses us from all unrighteousness. The book of 1 John teaches us how to walk in the light of knowing that we’re fully right with God.

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The Power of a Clear Conscience

Exchange Your Guilt For True Freedom & Forgiveness

Do you struggle with feelings of guilt about your past? Or are you bogged down by a conscience that haunts or imprisons you?

This is not how God intends for you to live. Your conscience was not created to hold you prisoner, but to guide you and point you to freedom from guilt and bad habits. It’s designed to tell you the truth so you are not held in bondage to lies or sin. A clear conscience enables you to live in the present without being distracted, mentally or emotionally, by your past.

Longtime pastor and bestselling author Erwin W. Lutzer shares what it means to live in the power of a clear conscience as you 

  • learn how to deal with guilt and replace it with joy
  • discover how the truth that can hurt you can also heal you
  • realize the incredible extent of God’s forgiveness and love for you

You’ll find yourself encouraged by the truths that no failure is permanent and no life is beyond God’s power to bring about change.