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Sermon Series

How The Gospel Sets Us Free

Lessons from the Book of Galatians

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

In Galatians, Paul writes to expose the false teachers who were trying to add to the simple message of the Gospel. He reminds believers that the gift of salvation is given freely to all those who believe in Jesus Christ, apart from any works of their own. Pastor Lutzer expounds on the riches which we so often take for granted.


Sermon 01

Distorting The Good News

July 12, 1992

The true Gospel emphasizes the sinfulness and helplessness of humanity.

Sermon 02

Defending The Good News

July 26, 1992

Justification is an act of God wherein we are declared righteous.

Sermon 05

Enjoy Your Freedom

August 23, 1992

Keeping rules doesn’t energize sanctification.

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