Your Eternal Reward

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Do you feel fear and dread at the thought of standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ? What will be His assessment of your life? Will you receive a reward for a job well done? Pastor Lutzer uses Scripture to provide a thorough understanding of what we can expect when we finally stand before our Savior.

Poster for What We Might Gain

What We Might Gain

The person I am becoming today is preparing me for the person I will be for all eternity.

Poster for What We Might Lose

What We Might Lose

If we judge ourselves now, the Lord will not have to judge us as harshly in the future.

Poster for Payday Someday

Payday Someday

Rewards are not just based on actions but also on attitudes.

Poster for The Rules Of The Race

The Rules Of The Race

Athletes received a withering crown, but Christians run for something that is imperishable.