When You've Been Wronged

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When Reconciliation Fails

Human relationships can be both a great blessing and a great burden. These messages are intended to deal with the kinds of issues that divide people—in their families, in their churches, or at work. Forgiveness and reconciliation are often difficult—and sometimes not achievable—because we are too defensive, too blind to our own faults. Listen carefully to these transforming messages, first for yourself, and then for others. 

Poster for Brothers At War

Brothers At War

God can use people whose lives aren’t as upright as they should be.

Poster for Christians In The Courtroom

Christians In The Courtroom

The exaltation of individual rights plus the descent of morals and integrity provide the perfect recipe for lawsuits. 

Poster for Getting Over It

Getting Over It

If you want to be free from your own prison, you have to be ready to say to God: whatever it takes.