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Sermon Series

When God Is First

Transferring Ownership into His Hands

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

What if God were first in our lives and in the life of our local churches? How would we affect our culture, our neighborhood and the world? How would we view our time, our finances and our talents? This series of messages shows why God wants us to become a church of irresistible influence just like the believers in the book of Acts. 

Warning: You may be deeply changed when you make the transfer of ownership from your hands to His.


Sermon 01

He Owns Our Hearts

September 21, 2003

The supernatural power from the filling of the Spirit can be received by faith.

Sermon 02

He Owns Our Tongues

September 28, 2003

Your mouth will never be pure until you lay down the bitterness in your heart.

Sermon 03

He Owns Our Allegiances

October 5, 2003

We must proclaim the powerful, exalted, and exclusive name of Jesus, even at great personal cost. 

Sermon 04

He Owns Our Money

October 12, 2003

What we keep and what we give are both equally God’s.

Sermon 05

He Owns Our Reputations

October 19, 2003

When our reputations are given to God, our secret sins are just as important as our public ones. 

Sermon 06

He Owns Our Status

November 2, 2003

If we are not faithful with little things, why would God ever entrust us with big things? 

Sermon 07

He Owns Our Future

November 9, 2003

When we have our eternity secure, we can put up with anything in time.

Sermon 08

He Owns Our Appointments

November 16, 2003

It is God who takes a prepared heart and brings it together with a prepared servant. 

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