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Sermon Series

Milestones With The Master

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

Pastor Wiersbe explores eight key experiences of Jesus’ life on Earth from His birth to His ascension. Learning about these experiences will help us know more about the person and work of Jesus Christ.  


Sermon 01

When God Was Born

February 13, 1977

The Book of Hebrews gives us spiritual truths about the birth of Jesus.

Sermon 02

His Baptism

February 20, 1977

Our baptism in water is an outward expression of our inward experience.

Sermon 03

His Temptation

March 6, 1977

Victory over temptation brings glory to God.

Sermon 04

His Transfiguration

March 13, 1977

God’s glory can move into our lives when we yield to Him.

Sermon 05

His Presentation As King

March 27, 1977

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was not only a triumph for Him, but for us as well.

Sermon 06

His Resurrection

April 10, 1977

We possess resurrection life and preach a Gospel of resurrection, so we better understand what it is and what it means.

Sermon 07

His Ascension

April 17, 1977

As believers, our citizenship, treasure, and glory are all in heaven, not on Earth.

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