The Marriage Puzzle

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Why Commitment Can Do What Love Can’t

These messages are a realistic analysis of why so many marriages that begin well end so tragically. Specific instruction is given on how marital conflict can actually strengthen, not destroy a marriage. The pressure points in marriage are addressed both biblically and compassionately with the specific intention of seeing marriages strengthened and restored. Here is hope for those couples who think they are doomed to a relationship crippled by the failures of the past and the pain of the present. 

Poster for Moving Beyond Your Past

Moving Beyond Your Past

There are many marriages where the divorce already began before the wedding ceremony was over.

Poster for The Puzzle of Your Roles

The Puzzle of Your Roles

The whole purpose of marriage is to represent the relationship between Jesus Christ and the church.

Poster for The Puzzle of the Will of God

The Puzzle of the Will of God

When you begin to do the will of God in matters that have been revealed, God will begin to lead you in matters that are unrevealed.

Poster for The Puzzle of Addictions

The Puzzle of Addictions

Open communication is one of the best ways to prevent addictions, and one of the best ways to come out of it.

Poster for The Puzzle of Abuse

The Puzzle of Abuse

Jesus bore what you and I can’t bear: our sin, iniquities, and shame. And the abuse He suffered brought about our forgiveness.