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Sermon Series

God, Why Me?

Lessons from the Life of Job

Erwin W. Lutzer

Imagine losing ten children in a single day, along with your health and all your possessions, without any reason to hope for a recovery. Three of your friends come to give you comfort, but they only add to your misery! In these messages, we walk in Job’s sandals, feel his pain, and identify with his confusion—but more importantly, we see God who reveals His hidden purpose in it all. 


Sermon 02

God, I've Lost Everything!

February 12, 1995

If only we could see the tender hand of the Savior who bleeds for us, how different it would be.

Sermon 04

The Sighs Of A Suffering Soul

February 26, 1995

In the blackness of depression, it’s more important that God sees us than if we can see Him.

Sermon 06

Words Of Wisdom From A Young Man

April 23, 1995

Job was a righteous man who suffered tragically because of his righteousness—not because of his unrighteousness.

Sermon 07

When God Comes

April 30, 1995

The best answer to the problem of suffering and evil is to look at a Savior who reconciles you to a holy God.

Sermon 08

The Purpose Of It All

May 7, 1995

God is always teaching us—enlarging our understanding of who He is.

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