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Sermon Series

Bible Fires

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

In this series, Pastor Wiersbe looks at four instances in the Bible where God makes use of fire to teach us about Himself and our faith. From Moses we learn to seek and follow God’s will; Jeremiah reminds us of the wonder of the Bible; John describes the reality of a coming final judgment; and Daniel and his friends encourage us to be courageous in our faith.


Sermon 01

A Burning Bush

June 6, 1976

God’s will won’t take you where His grace cannot keep you and His power cannot use you.

Sermon 02

A Burning Book

June 13, 1976

The greatest wonder in our lives is the Word of God.

Sermon 03

A Burning Lake

June 20, 1976

Christians must do everything they can to win people to Christ who would otherwise end up in hell.

Sermon 04

A Burning Furnace

June 27, 1976

Don’t keep quiet about your faith. Take a stand for the Lord.

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