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Sermon Series

The Baby Who Changed The World

Erwin W. Lutzer

History is divided into two parts: before Christ and after Christ. Even our calendars reflect this. The coming of Jesus to Earth was the hinge on which the door of history swung. He transformed the world by offering redemption to us—He was the only person who ever left the world fundamentally changed. And He continues to change it one heart at a time. 


Sermon 01

He Redeems The World

November 30, 2014

Christmas is about the coming of God among us to save us from our sins.

Sermon 02

He Confounds The World

December 7, 2014

Mary’s spiritual blessings are our spiritual blessings, but they are all found in Jesus, not Mary herself.

Sermon 03

He Divides The World

December 14, 2014

Simeon didn’t fear death after he had seen the Christ.

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