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Mapping Our Hearts

The ultimate source of our significance, security, and satisfaction was made to be found in God.


The Blessed Ones

The Sermon on the Mount is, at its core, about a kingdom—one that turns the world upside down.


Be The Church

The real church is the people of God, not a building. So even if church doors are closed, the church still exists in and through God’s people.


His Baptism

Our baptism in water is an outward expression of our inward experience.

Sermon Series

The Upside-Down Kingdom

The history of the world has turned upon ideas. Two thousand years ago, a Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth turned the world on its head with His Sermon on the Mount. He proclaimed an upside-down kingdom so radical, they killed Him in an attempt to put an end to His ideas. …


Just Let God Lead

God’s will for our lives is usually quite clear through His Word. 

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