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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

When The Answer Is Denied Part 2

November 03, 2021

Part 2 of 2
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When you’re in need, you naturally pray for God to provide. Sometimes the answer is “no.” How you react to that kind of ongoing burden is crucial. In this message, you receive life-changing lessons as you bear that burden: 1.) With burdens come blessings. 2.) Burdens are specifically chosen for us. 3.) You can be changed forever if you listen carefully. You’ll discover that even the “no” answers are still answers from a gracious God 

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The Triumph Of Unanswered Prayer

If we ask why some Christians abandon the faith they once had, most often the reason is unanswered prayer - the bitter disappointment of knowing that God could heal a child or resolve a bitter dispute, but yet He chooses not to do so. Such experiences leave us wondering whether God actually cares. These messages are intended to increase our faith and remind us that God’s hidden purpose is more important than having our desires met. You need to hear these encouraging truths, and you probably know someone else who needs them as well!

This series contains 6 sermons on 3 CDs.