A Bad Man Made Good Part 2

We cannot win in life’s race without agreeing with God about our basic condition. We need His grace, not to supplement our goodness, but to save us from our depravity. In this message, we hear …
Monday, February 1

Living In The Shadows Part 1

Deep in every human heart is a conscience: a sense of right and wrong that we cannot shake off. When our conscience is clear, we have freedom. When we violate it, we’re in bondage. Can we clean…
Tuesday, February 2

Living In The Shadows Part 2

When sin entered the human race, our consciences were defiled. We all move into the shadows, hoping to hide from the consequences of what we’ve done. And when our deeds are exposed, our first i…
Wednesday, February 3

It's Not All Your Fault Part 1

Much of the shame we carry is our own doing: bad decisions, wrong choices, and the inevitable fallout. But sometimes we carry guilt for things that are not our doing. Let’s understand that dist…
Thursday, February 4

It's Not All Your Fault Part 2

When you bear shame for something you did not do, the shame is there nonetheless. Thankfully, the Bible gives us a way to be free of guilt we did not cause. Maintaining a clear conscience is possible!
Friday, February 5

Becoming That Impossible Person Part 1

When we live or work with someone whose conscience is dead or defiled, the evil latent in every human heart is on full display. How do we cope with people who seem to be beyond hope? Let’s look…
Monday, February 8

Becoming That Impossible Person Part 2

When the conscience goes dead, a person quickly becomes a narcissist—totally self-absorbed. For those close to such a person, this makes life very difficult. How should we relate to a narcissis…
Tuesday, February 9

Why Lady Macbeth Didn't Have To Commit Suicide Part 1

It’s tragic. All too many people find that the only way out of a miserable life is to end their lives through suicide. But no depression is so deep that any of us have to kill ourselves to stop…
Wednesday, February 10

Why Lady Macbeth Didn't Have To Commit Suicide Part 2

Guilt and shame can drive people to kill themselves, as Lady Macbeth did in Shakespeare’s famous play. There is a way back from the precipice, and it’s found in the Word of God. What is t…
Thursday, February 11

The Truth That Hurts And Heals Part 1

Compulsive behaviors eventually become addictions. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography, people can become trapped. The grace of God provides the way out that all of us need.
Friday, February 12

The Truth That Hurts And Heals Part 2

Those with addictions are usually blind to how addicted they really are. Denial goes hand in hand with any kind of addiction. Jesus had much to say to the religious leaders of His day about spiritual…
Monday, February 15

Walking In The Light Part 1

When you have a clear conscience, it lifts a great weight off your back. Dread gives way to joy, and you can know you’re in fellowship with God Himself. How can we remain in that place of joy e…
Tuesday, February 16

Walking In The Light Part 2

One of the most important Bible verses for having a clear conscience is 1 John 1:9. Let’s look at the process of daily confession of sin and how it keeps the way clear between us and God.
Wednesday, February 17

Forgiven Forever Part 1

For over a thousand years, a key doctrine was hidden. It gives hope to the hopeless and life to the spiritually dead. That doctrine is justification by faith, rediscovered by Martin Luther in the 150…
Thursday, February 18

Forgiven Forever Part 2

Here’s some good news: the righteousness of God is bestowed on sinners who believe the gospel. We can’t ever be good enough to enter heaven, but our legal justification through Jesus Chri…
Friday, February 19

Just Lay It Down Part 1

It’s like a cancer that spreads everywhere in the body. Bitterness can destroy your joy and make you quite unpleasant to be around. Let’s examine the roots of bitterness and see how to up…
Monday, February 22

Just Lay It Down Part 2

Letting go of bitterness means forgiving those who have wronged you. This is indeed a bitter pill for many, who hold onto their anger until their knuckles turn white. But even in our reluctance, ther…
Tuesday, February 23

Reconciling Broken Relationships Part 1

Once you’ve given up your bitterness against someone else, how do you repair the breach in your relationship? Many people live in a tangled web of hurt and alienation, and bridges need to be bu…
Wednesday, February 24

Reconciling Broken Relationships Part 2

Making things right with someone you have wronged, or someone who has wronged you, is not easy. But when things are right, the joy overwhelms even long years of pain.
Thursday, February 25

Keeping Your Conscience Clear Part 1

Maintaining a clear conscience is not what the devil has in mind for the children of God. He tells lies in order to return us to the bondage of a defiled conscience. How can we combat those lies and …
Friday, February 26