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Broadcaster Info

Are you a radio broadcaster?

Through our 4 radio programs, Moody Church Media provides challenging and encouraging biblical instruction, and a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in peoples’ lives through clear teaching and an unswerving commitment to the Gospel. All of our programs are available via FTP and Amb-OS. Click Here to request more information.

Running to Win 15 & 25 Minute Programs

Running to Win has both a 15-minute and a 25-minute daily version. Pastor Erwin Lutzer’s engaging biblical presentations, known for their intense personal relevance, are designed to help believers run the race of life successfully by providing biblical instruction that will enable believers to rise above a dry and defeated spiritual existence.

Moody Church Hour 60 Minute Program

Moody Church Hour ministers to those who are far from God or unable to attend a local worship service. With insightful teaching from Senior Pastor Philip Miller and joyous congregational worship, this weekend broadcast invites listeners to join The Journey of a Lifetime—following Jesus.

Songs in the Night 30 Minute Program

Songs in the Night has been bringing hope, comfort, and encouragement to people since 1943. Pastor Erwin Lutzer’s devotional commentary, combined with music by the King’s Karollers, Glenn Jorian, and John Innes, provides a heavenly perspective that is needed in today’s world.

Broadcaster FAQs

Q: How does Moody Media provide broadcasts?

A: Moody Church Media provides broadcasts via Amb-OS, FTP, or physical media (in the form of CDs). We encourage stations to receive broadcasts through the Amb-OS server or FTP for everyone's ease of use.

Q: How often do you upload/ship broadcasts?

A: We usually upload digital broadcasts to the FTP server every 2-3 weeks. Physical broadcast distribution is mailed once a month.

Q: What is the lead time for broadcasts?

A: Digital broadcasts delivered through the FTP server and Amb-OS are usually provided 4-5 weeks in advance. Programs delivered through physical broadcast distribution are usually provided 3-4 weeks in advance.

Q: Who do I talk to if I am interested in airing your programs?

A: Please contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form.

Q: Are promo spots available?

A: Please submit your request through our contact form or to [email protected] including a script and the date desired. The Director of Media will contact you.

Q: What if I need promo materials for a sharathon  or station event?

A: Please submit a request through our contact form describing your sharathon or event, the quantity and types of materials desired, and a due date.

Q: How do I get access to Amb-OS or your FTP server?

A: Requests for our Amb-OS programming can be made directly through Amb-OS. To request FTP or physcial distrubiton please contact [email protected] or submit a request through our contact form.