The Old Testament Part 2 #2

The nation Israel had one reason for being: to bring forth a Messiah who would first die as a sacrifice for sin, and later be raised to return one day as king over all the earth.
Monday, November 2

The New Testament Part 1 #1

In the drama of redemption, the Old Testament is a grand prologue. In the New Testament, the great transaction takes place. Jesus gives his life not far from where Abraham almost offered Isaac. No pl…
Tuesday, November 3

The New Testament Part 1 #2

If the drama of redemption were a play, it would have two acts, the Old and New Testaments. The central theme is that of a sacrifice. In Act 1, animals were killed at a temple in Jerusalem. In Act 2,…
Wednesday, November 4

The New Testament Part 2 #1

Written in apocalyptic language rich in symbolism, the book of Revelation portrays the future yet to be: the glorious return of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, the judgments, the Millennial reig…
Thursday, November 5

The New Testament Part 2 #2

The drama of redemption began in Eden and ends with the new heavens and new earth. Here, the redeemed find themselves on streets of gold in the New Jerusalem. Here is the finale to the grand plan God…
Friday, November 6

Building A Lasting Marriage Part 1

What keeps a couple together for 76 years, surviving war, immigration, deprivation, and material want? Let’s hear about the parents of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, and why their marriage lasted so long.
Monday, November 9

Building A Lasting Marriage Part 2

A husband and wife, Gustav and Wanda Lutzer, celebrated 76 years of marriage in Canada. Their fifth child was Pastor Erwin Lutzer, who tells their story on Running to Win. He lists five principles th…
Tuesday, November 10

Those Vows Mean Something Part 1

When marriages break up, many couples have prenuptial agreements to divvy up their possessions. Few take seriously the covenants they enter into. Let’s go back to basics, and why marriage, in G…
Wednesday, November 11

Those Vows Mean Something Part 2

Some marriage partners see their spouses as replaceable. The Bible tells us how to make marriages last, and today, we’ll see why living a life of love, purity and honor is the only way this can…
Thursday, November 12

The Goal Is Holiness, Not Happiness Part 1

There’s good evidence in the Bible that marriage is designed more to develop character than to ensure a lifetime of bliss. When the rough spots come, and they will, what are couples to take fro…
Friday, November 13

The Goal Is Holiness, Not Happiness Part 2

Those who think marriage is a magic door to happiness should note that many marriages fail today. God intended marriage to develop character, and a hard heart can break the bonds between a couple if …
Monday, November 16

Miles Apart In The Same House Part 1

The family unit is an endangered species. Fractured, stressed, broken, dysfunctional…all these words describe a crisis in society’s most basic unit. This crisis often begins when marriag…
Tuesday, November 17

Miles Apart In The Same House Part 2

Adam and Eve tossed paradise aside when they disobeyed God. Like them, we manipulate each other to meet our own needs, not realizing that loving our spouse is the real key to marital happiness.
Wednesday, November 18

When The Son Is Crowned Part 1

Everywhere you look, the Christian faith is under attack. Many ask, “Is God really in charge?” Let’s listen to Erwin Lutzer as he traces some blatant attacks on Christians, but then…
Thursday, November 19

When The Son Is Crowned Part 2

Politicians speak of vast conspiracies against them. But the real conspiracy is that of the nations of the world in revolt against God. Psalm 2 tells us that God sits in heaven, laughing at man&rsquo…
Friday, November 20

When The Shepherd Takes Our Hand Part 1

When God chose to communicate how He cares for His own, He gave the picture of a shepherd tending his flock. Shepherds do more than guide their sheep to food and water. They take a personal interest …
Monday, November 23

When The Shepherd Takes Our Hand Part 2

Though named as King, David was pursued by a jealous King Saul for ten long years. Still, he could say of God, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Can you face …
Tuesday, November 24

When We Are Forgiven Part 1

Deep down, everyone knows they fall short of moral perfection. Sin has both immediate and long-term consequences, and only being fully forgiven removes the sense of condemnation that wrongdoers feel.
Wednesday, November 25

When We Are Forgiven Part 2

It’s the height of folly to think we can hide our sins from God. That’s what David wrote about in Psalm 32. Caught red-handed in great sin, David came clean before God and man. What does …
Thursday, November 26

When We Wait For God Part 1

Patience is only developed when that patience is tried. Whether it’s long grocery lines or long waits for answered prayer, God uses these unplanned “waits” to mold our characters.
Friday, November 27

When We Wait For God Part 2

Waiting for God—it goes against our instincts. But waiting for His timing guarantees that things happen at the right time. Waiting for God means investing time every day in prayer: seeking His …
Monday, November 30