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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

Three Prerequisites For Change Part 1

June 04, 2021

Part 1 of 2
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All of us have bad habits we need to lose, whether habitual lying, addictions to substances or sex, or moral failures. But what we lack is the means to break the cycles of bondage that hold us prisoner. God sets three conditions for our freedom. In this message we learn about three prerequisites for change.

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How To Break A Stubborn Habit

You’ve prayed. You’ve surrendered your sin to God. You’ve been more zealous about reading the Bible and attending church. But what do you do whan you still can’t shake your bad habits? 

After discouragement and defeat set in, you need a good dose of genuine hope and some biblical, time-tested guidance on breaking free for good. Dr. Erwin Lutzer shows you…

  • the three essential ground rules you must accept in order to truly change
  • the secret to dismissing tempting thoughts rather than rehearsing them
  • the roles of God, Satan, and your loved ones in your success or failure 

You’ve resolved to break a stubborn habit. Now discover the grace, courage, and wisdom to make it happen so you can step out of the past and into a renewed future.

Includes questions for personal study or group discussion.