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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

The Discipline Of Prayer And Fasting Part 2

May 01, 2023

Part 2 of 2
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There are times to feast, holiday times, and times of celebration. But in the plan of God, there are also times to fast. In this message from Joel 2, we identify four results in our hearts from fasting and prayer. Do we know the inner resources and spiritual nourishment needed to walk with God in every season?

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Holy Living In An Unholy World

Holy Living In An Unholy World

How does a Christian live a holy life in this world?

It’s actually simple: Return to the basic principles of Scripture and you will return to the living God.

In Holy Living in an Unholy World, Pastor Lutzer explains that “the Christian life is more than conformity to a given behavior pattern; it is more than a life lived by sheer willpower. It is a radical transformation from the inside out.” With the world system excluding God, how should Christians rearrange their priorities?

This book calls you to a committed, personal Christianity. You’ll develop a heart for doctrinal and moral purity in finances, fashion, technology, and other areas of life. It challenges you to rise above legalistic “religion” to pursue God’s will by balancing His love, law, and grace.