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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

Pandemics, Plagues, And Natural Disasters Interview Part 3

October 14, 2020

Part 3 of 4
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As COVID-19 has raged, people are desperate to return to normalcy. Some see dark forces manipulating the population. Others are resigned to face a disease for which there is currently no cure. What can we learn from natural disasters when, and if, COVID-19 finally passes over us?

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Pandemics, Plagues, And Natural Disasters

What Is God Saying To Us?

What Is God Saying To Us?

God’s silence in the midst of human suffering is a great mystery of our existence. Faced with mass suffering, such as pandemics, plagues, and natural disasters, we may wonder whether God actually cares about us or whether He just says that He does.

Pandemics, Plagues, and Natural Disasters: What is God Saying to Us? helps explain the role of God in suffering. Dr. Erwin Lutzer examines how God uses tragedies throughout the Bible to speak to His people, and that, ultimately, God always has our wellbeing in mind even when He doesn’t relieve our immediate pain. Perhaps most importantly, find lasting joy and relief by learning how times of such widespread trouble reveal God’s ultimate plans for our salvation from all temporary and eternal suffering.