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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

God, Why Me? Part 1

October 31, 2022

Part 1 of 2
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When a child dies, a job is lost, or a reputation is slandered, we often wonder who’s behind it. Amid immense tragedy, Job showed us how to ask why. In this message, we reflect on the roles of God, Satan, and Job in this story. We may be shocked to find out who was ultimately behind the pain and suffering in which Job found himself.

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No Reason To Hide

No Reason To Hide

Will You Be Complicit, Complacent, or Courageous?

In a culture with an ever-narrowing definition of tolerance, Christians can no longer stay silent about the divide between the Bible’s truth and the world’s lies. In No Reason To Hide Pastor Erwin Lutzer examines the toxic roots behind the alarming symptoms of a nation in spiritual freefall—and why your faith must empower you to engage rather than hide.

As you read, you’ll be equipped to defend your biblical beliefs with confidence and compassion. You’ll also identify how you can respond to the battleground issues of today including:

  • Identity-driven social justice ideologies that seek to divide rather than unite
  • Cultural attacks on the definitions of sex and gender that turn language into a war
  • Progressive pushes within the church that ultimately desecrate the Bible’s teachings

A call for believers to stand firm in today’s oppressive world, No Reason To Hide is a rallying reminder that will ready Christians everywhere to have the courage to proclaim Scripture’s truth to a culture in desperate need of what only God can offer.