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Moody Church Hour

Worship That God Accepts

July 07, 2019

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During financial hardship, it’s tempting to give less to God’s work. Many whose jobs are in jeopardy are burdened with debt at the same time. So, what should we do? In this message we learn how to honor the Lord no matter how empty our wallets are! The key is to realize that our use of money is one way in which we worship God.

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How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity With God

Is it possible to know, in this life, where you will spend eternity? In this concise and powerful book, Pastor Erwin Lutzer explains why you can know, even now, where you will be after death. He answers a host of questions, such as:

  • Will good deeds help me get into heaven?
  • Who goes to heaven and who doesn’t?
  • What role do I have in my own salvation?
  • Can I lose my salvation if I commit a serious sin?
  • Is it wrong to doubt my salvation, and what should I do if I doubt?

Pastor Lutzer insists that many who expect to enter heaven will discover they are sadly mistaken. But it is not too late for those who are still living to choose the right path—and know it!

No matter how much you know about the Gospel, this compelling book will provide a radical understanding of God’s grace and power. This book is for you! And for a friend!

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