Moody Church Hour

We Are Called to Witness

July 08, 2018

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Do you ever wonder why you’ve been placed on Planet Earth? In a marvelous New Testament passage, we find a clear answer to this question. God has called us to be members of a divine community known as the Church, and to take His good news to the whole world.

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Living as God's Community

These messages stress that we do not simply “subscribe to Christianity” as if it is just one more thing added to our lives. To the contrary, we are called to something higher, called to do God’s will and called to a hope that defies human explanation. Here is encouragement for those who suffer and also rebuke for those whose lives have been compromised with the world. Incredibly, we are called to God, and also called to the church, where together we fellowship and grow to the greater glory of God. These themes are transforming for all who have a desire to please the Lord.

This series includes four sermons on two CDs and is yours as our thank you for your gift.