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Compassion in Outreach

November 20, 2016

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Early in the ministry of Jesus, He became known as a healer. Large crowds followed him wherever He went, hoping to be cured of their many ailments. His heart was moved, as He saw them as sheep without a shepherd, harassed and helpless. How do we as believers view the great needs around us? Do we share the heart of our Savior? Let’s look into the motivation of Jesus when He saw human need, and examine our own hearts in the process.

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Practicing the Compassion of Jesus

The world is filled with lost and hurt people. In this pair of sermons, the compassion of Christ is unveiled toward the troubled and marginalized. Pastor Lutzer challenges us by Jesus’ example, asking us if we will be the heart and touch of Jesus in a broken world. We are called to bear the life-transforming gospel to all, as “the fields are white for harvest!”

This CD series from Dr. Erwin Lutzer containing 2 sermons on 1 CD can be yours as our thank you for your gift.