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Merry Christmas from Pastor Lutzer | 2023

This Christmas, in the midst of political, religious, and racial turmoil, remember why we have peace. God bless you and merry Christmas!


Hi, this is Pastor Lutzer. Of course, I’m sure that I speak on your behalf as well when I say that one of the most blessed times of year is Christmas.

And I want to remind you that when Jesus was born to bring peace into the world, He came into a context of political conflict, religious hypocrisy, and all kinds of social and religious differences. But there he was and the same Christ who came there in Bethlehem is the One to whom we give thanks today for coming to redeem us, because in the midst of our world, He is the Prince of Peace.

I wish you a very blessed Christmas and let’s always remember to honor the One who was born in Bethlehem, died on the cross, went to heaven, and we await His return.

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