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Merry Christmas from Pastor Lutzer | 2022

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a precious time of celebration and togetherness. But too often we become focused on ourselves. While reflecting on his favorite Christmas carol, Pastor Lutzer invites us to commit to the needs of others as an act of worship. In our homes and relationships this year, let’s remember that it’s all about Jesus.


Well, this is Pastor Lutzer, and I want to wish you a very blessed Christmas!

Let me ask you this question: What is your favorite Christmas Carol? I would probably answer “Silent Night.” And whenever I think of that song, I’m reminded of the fact that Joseph Mohr, who wrote those words, died long before he knew that he had written words that would be sung around the world in 120 different countries.

What that tells me is this: God never allows us to see all the good that we do. As you think about the Christmas season, and we think of the needs around us, let all of us make sure that we are committed to the needs of others. And we’ll discover someday in heaven, we’ve done more good than we realized.

So, as we think about the season, remember it’s always about Jesus.

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