When The Spirit Has His Way

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Recapturing the Wonder of God within Us

Explore basic doctrine about the Holy Spirit that has suffered at the hands of extremists who associate the work of the Spirit with various manifestations.

Poster for Naming The Spirit

Naming The Spirit

The Holy Spirit is here to birth holiness in us and to keep us on a trajectory towards holiness.

Poster for The Gift Of Companionship

The Gift Of Companionship

When you think that no one cares, the Holy Spirit is with you for fellowship and companionship. He will not leave you.

Poster for The Gift Of Purity

The Gift Of Purity

If you’re a believer in Jesus, your body is the very temple of the Holy Spirit. It’s where God dwells.

Poster for The Gift Of Service

The Gift Of Service

God doesn’t raise up churches unless He raises up people to help them function.

Poster for The Gift Of Spiritual Fruit

The Gift Of Spiritual Fruit

The law can’t give us any strength, it can’t change our motivation, and it can’t change our heart—only the Holy Spirit can.