Strength For The Journey

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Taking Your Next Steps with God

In this series of messages, Pastor Lutzer opens a window into the life and experience of Abraham. In the process, he answers the question of whether God’s promise of the land and the seed should be applied to Ishmael or Isaac—a controversy that divides the Middle East to this day. Most important, Abraham, who is called “a friend of God,” is presented as a model for us of intimate fellowship with the Almighty. 

Poster for A Wavering Faith

A Wavering Faith

Turning away from God always has more burdens than blessings.

Poster for A Costly Faith

A Costly Faith

There’s a difference between what you take and what God gives you.

Poster for A Generous Faith

A Generous Faith

Abraham served the Possessor of heaven and earth. Lot served Sodom.

Poster for A Praying Faith

A Praying Faith

God may choose to deny our requests and yet give us what we really want.

Poster for A Worldly Faith

A Worldly Faith

Even after Lot left Sodom, he didn’t get Sodom out of his heart.

Poster for A Tested Faith

A Tested Faith

When God wants to expose the idols in our lives, He sometimes chooses what is most precious to test us.