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Sermon Series

Sharing Secrets With God

Developing Our Personal Relationship with Christ

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Our love for the Lord should be made known among all. However, the Bible also describes how God seeks a personal, secret relationship with us that others do not see. In this series, Dr. Lutzer explains the value of having a secret devotion to our Lord.


Sermon 01

Secret Giving

January 4, 1998

When we give, are we content with the approval of God alone? 

Sermon 02

Secret Praying

January 11, 1998

Private prayer results in public blessing!

Sermon 03

Secret Fasting

January 18, 1998

Fasting helps us develop a deeper intimacy with the Most High. 

Sermon 04

Secret Serving

January 25, 1998

Where do your loyalties lie: with God or money?

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