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Sermon Series

Reclaiming The Family

Hope for Our Most Urgent Crisis

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

This series addresses the challenges of our broken families as well as gives instruction on how families can become counter-cultural in our present society. Also included is a message on husband/wife relationships and another on domestic abuse. These messages are an urgent appeal for families to face their strengths and weakness, break destructive cycles, and get on with healing and hope.


Sermon 01

Miles Apart In The Same House

May 1, 2005

The grace of Christ applied in a relationship: No matter what you share, I choose to forgive you even before you tell me what’s wrong.

Sermon 03

A Father's Long Shadow

May 15, 2005

The power of the father extends over the family whether he is there or not.

Sermon 04

A Destructive Secret

May 22, 2005

Hope, healing, and help is contagious in the presence of others.

Sermon 06

Countering The Culture

June 5, 2005

Parents: Don’t cave in to the influences of a godless culture. Stand with your children against the culture.

Sermon 07

Making A Difference Where You Are

June 12, 2005

Sometimes the problem isn’t the world, it’s the family itself. Are you protecting your children from the world?

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